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S. P. Fermor

Fencing Contractor


Terms & Conditions 

6"palisade (closed) with pointed tops.

Chestnut trellis with arch way.

6' close board fence with 5 bar gate.

Capped 6' close board gate and fence, before and after.

Decorative chestnut trellis and palisade gate. 

Close board fence before and after.

Close board gate front and back.

Chestnut post and rail, 2 rail.

Square holed trellis panels.

Close board fence with square holed trellis.

Rounded top palisade gate and close board fence.

Round top palisade fence 3' high.

6'6" close board fence.

Close board fence with arch top trellis.

Round top close board gate and fence.

4' close board fence with capping.

Pointed top palisade 3' high.

6' panels with concrete posts and gravel boards.

Stock fence with a single strand of plain wire.

Deer fencing.

3 rail post and rail with 5 bar gate (soft wood posts).