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Crowborough Life
Crowborough Miniature Railway
Crowborough Weather (Recent History) very detailed
Crowborough and District Ploughing Match Society
Horwich (Twin Town)
Local History
Local Press
Mark Cross
Montargis (Twin Town)
Portrait Artist 
Rotherfield Council
 Sussex in Figures 
Wedding Cars
Weather Forecast 


Shearwell Data
National Livestock Database
Plumpton Agricultutal College
Weald Granary
Southern Farmers 
Goat Farm (I went to school with Kathleen)
Renhurst Farm 
Little Red Tractor ( about British farm produce )  
Farming online
High Weald AONB


Sermons online
Affirmation 2010
Electric Bible
Reference Site for links to many other
Trinity Hymnal
Strict Baptist Historical Society
Gospel Standard Trust
Cyber Hymnal
Church Music
Bible League Trust
Bible Society
Birmingham Conference 
British Churches Album
British Church Newspaper 
Free Presbyterian Church of North America 
Free Presbyterian of North America Mission Board
Free Presbyterian Mission Board
Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster
Free Presbyterian Magazine  
John Newton Project
Let the Bible Speak 
Music for Church services
The Psalter
Hymn Books
Hymn Tune Finder
Christian Worship (New Hymn Book)
Salisbury Reformed Seminary 
Separated unto the Gospel 
Strict Baptist Chapels 
Bible League Trust
Joanne Greer (Young Missionary who was in Kenya for a while, but now serving in Liberia)   2012  Sending out service     2019    Sending out serveice 
6th Bible Conference  (Ballymena) 2007
7th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2008
8th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2009
9th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2010 
10th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2011
11th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2012
12th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2013
13th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2014
14th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2015
15th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2016
18th Bible Conference (Ballymena) 2019
Old Paths For Perilous Times (Toronto)
40th Anniversary Rally, Ballymena F.P.C.
Reformation Bible Conference  2017 (Ballymena) 
Ballymena FPC Northern Ireland (Church site)
Ballymena FPC Northern Ireland
Calgary FPC Canada
Chippenhan Old Baptist  (New site)
Coleraine FPC Northern Ireland
Covenant FPC Lexington South Carolina 
Drift Road Clanfield 
Forest Fold S B Chapel Crowborough
Greenville FPC South Carolina
Hebron FPC Ballymoney Northern Ireland
Hope Chapel Redhill 
Lamberhurst S. B. Chapel
Lewes FPC              Jireh                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Lisburn FPC Northern Ireland
Mourne FPC Northern Ireland
Toronto FPC Ontario
Victoria Road Eastbourne
Emmanuel Salisbury  
Evangelical Methodist Church Darlington Maryland


Wesley (stone mason)


Domain Names
East Sussex in Figures
Energy Monitoring 
Jacquie Lawson Cards
Moon Phases
Tide Times                                                                                      Newhaven Tides
Ships docking in Southampton