25/05/1931 - 06/05/2011

Mrs. Joan Heather Fermor.


Our dear mother passed away at brother Simon's house in Eastbourne 06/05/2011.

Mother's Family

Mother's Ancestors 

Mum was born at 72 Callwell Lane Hillingdon Middlesex on May 25th 1931 to Arthur & Nellie Simmons. Granddad was from Nottingham and met grandma (whose family had lived in this area for hundreds of years) while he was stationed at Maresfield Camp where she was working for the N.A.F.F.I. (Army Navy & Air-Force Institute). Mother attended Sir Henry Fermor School (and had the same headmaster and 2 of the same teachers as I had ) then she went to Tonbridge Tec. she started training as a teacher working at Jarvis Brook school which came to an abrupt end when her mother died suddenly on January 12th 1950 at the age of 53. Dad and mum were childhood sweethearts and were married at Forest Fold S. B. Chapel on 21st April 1951 by the pastor Mr. Stanley Delves on his own 27th wedding anniversary. For the first 6 years mum & dad lived at Landsdowne villas Nevill Road then moved to their present house where they spent the rest of their lives. Mum raised 10 children,  made our clothes, we only had home cooking and were privileged to have parents who were very knowledgeable in may subjects, mother was very close to nature and taught us and a lot of others many things. I remember when we were young every year mum would get some frog spawn put it in a big glass tank and she would draw them every day on a chart she had made so that we could see how they were developing and when they had lost their tails they were released into our garden. Ours was an open home, every one was welcome any time and many stayed with us and still remember those times. Sunday tea was always a full house, and when my wife first went out with me she said she could not make out which were my brothers and sisters and which were not. Christmas time mum made presents for lots of different people especially those who lived alone and we went out with dad delivering them. She helped many people in many ways and I know that when grandma Fermor was near the end of her live she and dad used to go up to her any time in the night she wanted them and one day as mum came out of grandma's house she met the milkman and was a bit embarrassed that she was in her night dress. Mother was also involved in public life. She served Crowborough on what was then the Parish Council for 15 years, was a school governor at Sir Henry Fermor and also White Hill schools, for many years right up to her death a trustee of the Fermor Smith Charity was part of the Crowborough Band playing the tuba, when the band finished she moved over to the Wadhurst band  and also involved in the women's fellowship for which she was often host. A while before we lost Dad they were going on a cruise, something they were really looking forward to when our sister in-law Carolyn was not well and Mum was for canceling their holiday but was persuaded to go. Carolyn was spared and was able to look after Mum for the last few weeks of her life.  She felt the loss of various members of the close family over the last few years with the loss of a grand daughter Lydia (Dec. 1986) son Stephen (Jan.2001) Dad (Aug. 2007) but most keenly our youngest brother Timothy (March 2010) he had done so much for her after the loss of our father. After the news came through a minister came round to see her and said he would read a chapter in the prophecy of Isaiah and mum said I have just learned that off by heart and immediately was able to recite it right through to those of us who were present. She had many health problems including loosing the sight in one eye back in the 1960's but it did not stop her from going about her life as before and doing so much that the rest of us would struggle to do. So many have spoken so highly of her and she was looked up to by so many, she will be very greatly missed. Mother had 11 great grand children the last born only 2 weeks before she passed away. (the last 4 born in the last 2 months of her life). At her funeral the Chapel was full with many people from a wide area attending. Almost all mothers descendants were present. She was carried by her 5 remaining sons and a grandson who was representing his late father. Her remains being placed on top of our late father who was taken 20/08/2007. She will be greatly missed by so many.       

Mum wrote this.


Bless the Lord 0 my soul for myriad mercies each day,

For the beauty of the moon, stars, and the sunís warm ray.

I thank You for the gift of sleep, for my warm and cosy bed,

For clothes to wear and strength to dress and for my daily bread.

For clean water in the tap and heated water too,

For the washing machine and sweeper, helps so freely given by You.

I am so glad that I can hear the sounds of Your creation,

For placing me in Crowborough Lord, within this much blessed nation.

I greatly bless You dearest Lord that I can plainly see

The beauteous world that You have made and shown so much to me.

I thank You for my pleasant home and for my garden too

Where every day some fresh delight will thrill me through and through.

The rainbow hues, the changing clouds, the mighty tree so grand,

The birds, the flowers, the fruit, the grass so wonderfully planned.

I thank You for all living things that in my garden dwell,

The beauties of the insect life. Oh You have made all things well.

I thank You for Your goodness Lord throughout my life so long,

For such a loving husband Lord, and children well and strong.

Though times were hard when I was young, our needs were always met.

Now I am old, my "mud walls" shake, you well supply me yet.

My life has, like the seasons, known dark days and sunshine warm,

Though grief has torn my heart apart youíve helped me through the storm.

Fresh mercies showered every day, for family and friends,

And now a special "blessing" Lord. Your goodness never ends.

Come now with me and bless the Lord for His goodness freely given,

For hope that at the end of days, Iíll praise Him more in Heaven.

Stephen a favourite Son 09/02/1955 / 20/01/2001

Another sturdy boy, or golden girl,

One of the family, favoured in their way,

Each one in turn, to be their parents' joy.

To watch them grow, each in their separate glory,

Blossoming like tender plants in early Spring

To feel the warmth of Sun to bring such happiness,

Sharing that family life that Love can bring.

Stephen - so sadly taken from us,

Whose golden youth had turned to manly charm,

Following a love affair with Mother Nature,

Living his whole life for his precious farm.

Loving the life he lost so tragically,

We shall remember him with loving pride,

Gift that will always keep him with us,

Fresh as, the memory of the day he died.





Below are a few photos of mum.


Below is the last photo I have of our mother, she is holding her 8th great grandchild Jaseth.